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Unravelling the Carbon Web is a project by PLATFORM. We work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.


What is the Carbon Web ?

'The principal error in political thinking, whether on the left or on the right, has been or is, an excessive or exaggerated belief in 'solutions'. Then one by one these solutions, whether it was the solution of centralised state planning in Moscow or the solution of the new world economic order are proved wrong. I think the question of solutions is a question of scale. In a given situation which is graspable - that can be quite big - there is a solution. But it won't be a universal solution: it is global solutions that have to be suspected. Why is that? Because to improve something, you really need to know the texture, the life story of that thing'.

John Berger, interview in the Financial Times, 28 June 1999

By looking closely at corporations, trying to get to know their 'texture', their 'life story', we can see the possibility of change. The focus of our work is to look closely at BP and Shell, the two giants of the global oil industry that have head offices in London, our city. We hope that our work can provide a model for others studying other sectors of the oil industry, or other corporations, elsewhere in the world.

What are these oil corporations? How do they work? What is their texture?

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