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Unravelling the Carbon Web is a project by PLATFORM. We work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

Carbon Web newsletter issue 6, 8 January 2007




Poisoning the Amazon
When Texaco walked out Ecuador pocketing a $30 billion profit, it left a toxic legacy. The US corporation had dumped billions of gallons of toxic 'produced water' into open, unlined pits. Children here suffer from leukemia at four times the national average. Birth defects and miscarriages soar, as carcinogens contaminate drinking and bathing water for thousands of kilometers.

Western banks threaten Kazakh communities
A recent fact-finding mission by Crude Accountability and CRBM (Campaign for reform of the World Bank) found expansion of Kazakhstan's Kashagan field by an international consortium promises environmental degradation and economic uncertainty for residents of western Kazakhstan.



US Iraq strategy - oil objectives unchanged
While Baker-Hamilton's approach to achieving the USA's oil objectives may have been more sophisticated than Bush's, their mistake is to preserve the objectives themselves - which are fundamentally at odds with those of the Iraqi people.

Shell's greed punished in Sakhalin
After months of haggling over the Sakhalin II gas project, differences between Shell and the Russian government have been resolved through a change in project ownership. The new project arrangements mean that at least the Russian state will take a share of profits through Gazprom.



Nigeria News - Updates from Lagos and the Delta while London unveils a living memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa.

China Woos African Leaders - 40 heads of state from Africa's 53 countries met for the Beijing summit on China-Africa Co-operation.

Opera for the Era of Climate Change - PLATFORM launches 'And While London Burns', an operatic audio walk, to major acclaim.

Ditch Dirty Development - People & Planet campaign to end oil aid. Plus US Elections mark energy policy shift.

Sutherland appointment opposed - Students delayed a speech at LSE by BP Chair Peter Sutherland.

Indonesian Explosion Kills Thirteen - A gas pipeline in East Java, Indonesia, exploded killing 13 people.

Wales pipeline occupied - Protesters from Cardiff Rising Tide halted construction of a new gas pipeline by occupying a section of pipe.

Welsh coast - spills inevitable - Two oil companies have submitted applications to drill in Cardigan Bay.

Esso faces an inconvenient truth - Britain's leading scientists challenged ExxonMobil to stop funding climate sceptics.

Achuar victory in Peru - More than 800 people blockaded the country's largest oil facility.

Oil on hold in Belize - Belize's supreme court has quashed a permit to conduct seismic testing inside a National Park.

Texas trouble over BP tricks - The first civil legal case on BP's 2005 Texas City refinery blast led to an out-of-court settlement.

More problems in the pipes - BP's Baku-Supsa pipeline forced to shut due to safety problems.

Shell venture threatens Alaska - Bush set to allow oil exploration in Bristol Bay.

Art Not Oil reaches Aberdeen - A truer portrait of an oil company in a town which hosts the UK's oil industry.

Sing for Shell - Some zealous Shell employees have put together a corporate anthem.

Carbon trading - a critical conversation - New book exposes the myths around carbon trading.

Notes from Gog & Magog - Gambling Giants

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