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Unravelling the Carbon Web is a project by PLATFORM. We work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

النفط في العراق
عقود مشاركة الإنتاج: التنازل عن مصدر سيادة العراق
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Crude Designs: The rip-off of Iraq's oil wealth
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Iraq - النفط في العراق

9 July 2008 article:
Iraqi oil on the block
ANALYSIS - the real significance of the Oil Ministry's announced bid round

26 June article:
Oil sell-off by stealth
Iraq's oil service contracts are more than they seem

20 May press release:
Shell blasted on Iraq oil - 'Plans risk more conflict'
Protest at annual shareholder meeting

23 February press release:
Protests across Britain at Iraq oil rip-off
Hands Off Iraqi Oil demonstrations in 26 cities

PLATFORM briefing series on Iraqi oil
Briefings and factsheets on the oil law, US and UK pressure for it, and the oil companies involved.

More news and analysis on oil in Iraq>>

Hassan Jum'a, head of the Iraqi oilworkers' trade union, has commented that the Iraq war takes place in two phases: first, the military invasion and occupation, and second, the economic war.

The first phase has brought death and destruction to Iraqis for nearly four years. But right now, the economic war is being fought, which risks leaving Iraqis with nothing, even when the violence eventually comes to an end.

Decisions are being made in late 2006 and early 2007, under heavy pressure from the US and UK, and international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, which could hand control of Iraq's most important resource - oil - to multinational companies.

PLATFORM believes that decisions on Iraq’s oil should be made by the Iraqi people, and that the actions of our own governments, institutions and corporations should be subject to democratic scrutiny. To this end, we aim to stimulate debate, in Iraq, in Britain and internationally, by publishing our research, by participating in conferences and by supporting independent voices in Iraq.

This work is part of our ongoing focus on countries' sovereignty over their natural resources.

In this section you can read our research and publications, including the 'Crude Designs' report; you can look at official documents, links and quotes in the resources section; and you can find out more about Production Sharing Agreements, the long-term contracts that are proposed for Iraq's oil; and you can learn about the courageous work of the General Union of Oil Employees, the Iraqi oilworkers' trade union.